Strategic and Business Planning

You don’t need a business plan that sits in your drawer. You need a vanguard who can see you through the exciting, yet difficult path to growth.

Tired of brainstorming with no plan or realistic context? Explore and build at the same time with this innovative planning approach. Bring in your team (and even stakeholders) to work sessions or engagement channels that deliver a 360 degree view of your opportunity. We use creative and pragmatic tools to harness the creative energy of your team while also generating early results. Accelerate your success by combining this process with a leadership development plan.

An opportunity is only as good as the structure in place to make it possible. We work with organizations across sectors to provide a framework for clients to work through a process to develop a clear actionable roadmap. Based on your needs, these services might include planning activities, governance review, formal strategic planning, detailed business, operational or technology planning, and the communication tools and strategy to successfully support all planning activities. We’ll add team members with specific subject matter expertise as needed to provide the right level of detail for each individual project. Let us help you build a tangible framework for success: outlining your values, strategic focus, operational approach, and initial activities to launch your vision into action.

 The Harrelson Group Process

  • Projects start with one-on-one or group interviews with your organizations leaders and key team members.
  • Based on those interviews, we’ll develop a strategic brief outlining key themes to provide the foundation for the development of goals and a vision map.
  • In work sessions designed by Harrelson Group, we will walk your team through a series of decision points to build out a roadmap to reach your goals. Whether it’s an annual work plan or a five year strategic plan, we’ll show you how to get there from here.