Leadership Development

Every executive needs a trusted advisor, and most have a need for additional leadership capacity. Our experts can give you a leg up as you lead your organization to greatness.

 Our team of senior consultants brings decades of experience working with executives to the table. We provide strategic counsel and bring a confident, deep level of experience in the integration of strategy and execution for leaders striving to create, build, and support business and non-profit sustainability at all levels.

You’re a leader who is always looking for effective ways for your organization to realize its full potential. You want to learn from your contemporaries and explore new approaches in confidence. Our diverse background includes work with Fortune 500 companies, founder-based businesses, non-profits, and government agencies. We have worked with myriad organizations to provide an individualized leadership development program for emerging or current executives, and would be happy to discuss options for your organization.

The Harrelson Group Process

  • We’ll begin with an individual assessment, evaluating strengths and areas of development. Together, we will craft concrete goals based on your current responsibilities.
  • We will hold 2 – 3 one-on-one meetings each month over approximately a three-six month period. Together, we will discuss issues and problems, identify options, and develop action plans.
  • All along the way, we will work with you to identify the optimal course of action to achieve your goals, no matter the size or scope. You can get there from here.