Oregon Health Network (OHN)

OHN’s vision is access to healthcare for Every Oregonian regardless of their location.

OHN has been working successfully since 2009 to use FCC Rural Health Care Pilot Program (RHCPP) subsidy dollars to build Oregon’s first statewide health care network and research a set of value-added services that can assist rural healthcare providers in serving their patients. In the early days of the grant, as OHN brought an executive director on board, they needed to develop a business plan and roadmap, and create a stakeholder engagement process to gain diverse input regarding forward going efforts.

Harrelson Group helped by:

  • Facilitating the board to a commonly envisioned final goal
  • Developing a business plan and design and engage statewide stakeholders to best define and implement value added service
  • Providing ongoing strategic and executive counsel

As a result of these RHCPP funds, national policies, and a growing membership base, OHN is on its way to full sustainability in 2014. Entering fiscal year 2013 with over 236 member locations, OHN’s primary efforts in the coming year will be focused upon:

  1. Supporting the Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) and bringing on the rest of the health care community that wasn’t eligible for, or didn’t receive, RHCPP funding to connect to OHN
  2. Educating members on the use and adoption of our Telehealth Video Conferencing Solution

OHN has surpassed its Phase 1 goal of 200 sites, and is now looking ahead to future phases which will include investments in outreach efforts that support membership expansion and the meaningful use and value of the network.

OHN plans to:

  • Maintain and expand upon the reputation and momentum OHN has developed as one of the nation’s industry leaders, specifically as it relates to the organization being:
    • A trusted partner in helping to co-design and support the next generation nationwide health care delivery system, starting at the CCO level in Oregon
    • A valued convener and producer of best practices
    • An advocate of supported consortium networks at state and federal levels
    • A proven/working statewide health care network model
  • Bring on 500 member sites by expanding membership to include all members of the health care continuum
  • Work with internal staff, members, key stakeholders, and those throughout the health care continuum in support of OHN’s 12 Health IT Best Practices model and overarching vision and mission